Tuesday, September 19, 2023

BULL 115 : Death Crusade - Zn​ó​w p​ł​onie niebo cassette

Death Crusade - Zn​ó​w p​ł​onie niebo cassette Crust core from Gdańsk, Poland. 2nd album. Death Crusade is a mixture of crust/metal like Doom, ENT, Disrupt and Skitsystem as well. Death Crusade delivers to you a very well recorded and produced crust punk of the 21st century played the 80/90’s style. Official cassette pressing. RM18/5USD plus postage. Listen Death Crusade : Buy Death Crusade :

Thursday, August 17, 2023

BULL 113 : Exploatör - Blind Elit cassette

OUT NOW!!! BULL 113 : Exploatör - Blind Elit cassette 3rd album. Raw punk/d-beat from Sweden. Members of Totalitär and current line-up members and their experiences in bands like Verdict, Warcollapse, Slutet, Dischange, Krigshot, Makabert Fynd, Dissekerad, Krig I Hudik, Katastrof, Institution, Brainbombs, Napalm A.D., Desperate Fix, Kvoteringen, Meanwhile, Disfear, No Security or Ääritila ... and many more.LP version by Phobia Records & Bye Bye Production. Official cassette release by Phobia Recs & Bullwhip Recs.RM18/5USD plus postage. Buy Exploatör cassette : Listen to Exploatör : Info :

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

BULL 108 : World Downfall - discography 2003-2008 cd

BULL 108 : World Downfall - discography 2003-2008 cd Japanese grindcore from Tokyo. Members/ex members of Terrible Headache, Beyond Description, Dudman, Chaosmongers, Life etc. World Downdfall deliver to you blasting grindcore beyond pissed off from start to finish, 26 tracks including covers from Righteos Pigs, Disrupt & State Of Fear. Official release. RM20/12USD plus postage. Cheap wholesale available. Buy World Downfall cd :

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

BULL 114 : Sickrecy - Salvation Through Tyranny cassette

Sickrecy - Salvation Through Tyranny cassette "Salvation Through Tyranny" is the the first full length of the Swedish band with Adde Mitroulis (Birdflesh, General Surgery) as well as Marcus Dahl and Martin Eriksson (both in Damned to Downfall, World in Ruins). As the band says: "it's not about pushing any boundaries in the race of speed, nastiness, or new techniques. We are just about… delivering solid grindcore!". Official cassette release by Bullwhip Records. Cd version by SELFMADEGOD RECS.RM18 plus postage & 5USD plus postage (overseas). Listen Sickrecy at : Buy Sickrecy cassette :

Saturday, September 3, 2022

BULL : 110 Vansinnets Mun - demon 2022 cassette

Vansinnets Mun - demon 2022 cassette
Heavy metal döds käng from Ljungby Småland. With roots in the dark parts of the Swedish woods we hereby announce the first release of Vansinnets Mun. A mix of heavy metal and d-beat, inspired by the blackened crust tunes as well as their mania for guitar leads and rawk, you get this mouth of insanity fired out in your face. 200 copies. Co-release with Not Enough Recs & Phobia Recs. Listen to Vansinnets Mun : Buy Vansinnets Mun cassette

Thursday, September 1, 2022

BULL : 112 Ruidosa Inmundicia - ira cassette

Ruidosa Inmundicia - ira cassette
Debut full-length from this raging long-running Austrian hardcore punk band. Twelve tracks, all sung in Spanish: a furious onslaught of raw, politically motivated hardcore in the vein of Los Crudos etc. Music recorded by Niki at Elphantwest Audio. Mixed and mastered by Marcus Ferreira at No Master's Voice. Artwork, pictures & Layout by Christina Carlsen. Split release with Pissed Off Records. LP version by Adult Crash Records. Listen Ruidosa Inmundicia Buy Ruidosa Inmundicia cassette

Thursday, May 19, 2022

BULL 109 : Lähdön Aika - valonaara cassette

OUT NOW!!! BULL 109 : Lähdön Aika - valonaara cassette Lähdön Aika are a Finnish post-metal/sludge/doom blends in a dark, groovy blend buzzsaw guitar tone that builds and builds with tension as you feel all the 4 tracks becoming more and more intense. New album. Vinyl version by Trepanation Records and Black Voodoo Records. RM18/5USD plus postage. Listen to Lähdön Aika : Buy Lähdön Aika :