Saturday, September 3, 2022

BULL : 110 Vansinnets Mun - demon 2022 cassette

Vansinnets Mun - demon 2022 cassette
Heavy metal döds käng from Ljungby Småland. With roots in the dark parts of the Swedish woods we hereby announce the first release of Vansinnets Mun. A mix of heavy metal and d-beat, inspired by the blackened crust tunes as well as their mania for guitar leads and rawk, you get this mouth of insanity fired out in your face. 200 copies. Co-release with Not Enough Recs & Phobia Recs. Listen to Vansinnets Mun : Buy Vansinnets Mun cassette

Thursday, September 1, 2022

BULL : 112 Ruidosa Inmundicia - ira cassette

Ruidosa Inmundicia - ira cassette
Debut full-length from this raging long-running Austrian hardcore punk band. Twelve tracks, all sung in Spanish: a furious onslaught of raw, politically motivated hardcore in the vein of Los Crudos etc. Music recorded by Niki at Elphantwest Audio. Mixed and mastered by Marcus Ferreira at No Master's Voice. Artwork, pictures & Layout by Christina Carlsen. Split release with Pissed Off Records. LP version by Adult Crash Records. Listen Ruidosa Inmundicia Buy Ruidosa Inmundicia cassette

Thursday, May 19, 2022

BULL 109 : Lähdön Aika - valonaara cassette

OUT NOW!!! BULL 109 : Lähdön Aika - valonaara cassette Lähdön Aika are a Finnish post-metal/sludge/doom blends in a dark, groovy blend buzzsaw guitar tone that builds and builds with tension as you feel all the 4 tracks becoming more and more intense. New album. Vinyl version by Trepanation Records and Black Voodoo Records. RM18/5USD plus postage. Listen to Lähdön Aika : Buy Lähdön Aika :

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

BULL 107 : Sickrecy - first world anxiety cassette. (FEW COPIES LEFT!!!)

OUT NOW ON BULLWHIP RECORDS!!! BULL 107 : Sickrecy - first world anxiety cassette. Sickrecy is a Swedish Grindcore unit consisting of members of Birdflesh, General Surgery, World in Ruins and Damned to Downfall. Extreme, fast and chaotic, Sickrecy masterfully conveys the old school spirit of the genre into their sound, injected with shots of Crust Punk, D-beat and Death Metal, so you know what to expect in terms of sheer anger, brute force, blasting speed and pounding frenzy. Official cassette version & under exclusive license from Spikerot Records. RM15/5USD plus postage (Malaysia/World). Listen Sickrecy : Buy Sickrecy cassette :

Thursday, September 9, 2021

BULL 105 : Fear Of Extinction - st discography cassette (SOLD OUT)

OUT NOW!!! BULL 105 : Fear Of Extinction - st discography cassette. A complete discography of Prague´s d-beat / punk. A strong Scandi D-beat influence ANTI-CIMEX, MOB 47, 3 WAY CUM, WARCOLLAPSE etc. These cassette are including split w/Passiv Dödshjälp, ...and they still suffer lp, 4 way split Distorted Minds in a Sick World w/Krüger(cz), Final Slum War(esp), Diskobra, split EP w/ March Of The Hordes, split EP w/ Makabert Fynd, Winter Extinction 2012 Tour ep, s​/​t plus bonus tracks. Over 70 minutes of loud noisy crust punk madness!! Official cassette version by Bullwhip Recs. RM15/4USD plus postage. Listen Fear Of Extinction : Buy Fear Of Extinction cassette :

Sunday, May 2, 2021

BULL 106 : Osmantikos - survival cd

OUT NOW!!! BULL 106 : OSMANTIKOS is a Hypertension Crustcore from Malaysia, 12 new tracks of the foundation of TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE-style Hardcore. Recorded by Tom Bollocks at Greenhouse Studio, Ampang, Malaysia. Mixed & Mastered by Mattias Persson (Ursut & Kontrovers). RM20/12USD plus postage. Listen Osmantikos at: Buy Osmantikos cd:
OSMANTIKOS - survival lp review on mrr. Crusty hardcore from Malaysia, with furious vocals and clean production. Survival features a dozen grandiose compositions that bring to mind TRAGEDY, the HOLY MOUNTAIN, and COP ON FIRE, as tracks ooze toward a more stenchcore sound. Anthemic passages from dual vocals; all-in-all a full sound from this three piece. Side B opens with some surprisingly upbeat riffs amidst slow gloomy hardcore, similar to GUILLOTINE TERROR or MOONSCAPE. A moody intro-as-intermission midway through the LP, then some more Motörcharged rhythms. With several styles of extreme punk going on, OSMANTIKOS have a lot to offer. (Jason Ryan) Osmantikos - survival lp review on Whilst exploring the international DIY punk scene in my teenage years I discovered this band from Malaysia around the year of 2007. Back then, my first introduction to Osmantikos was their debut CD-r with five songs on it (Burn All The Order!, 2006). At first listening, I was immediately blown away by their galloping d-beats, thrashing riffs, and raw vocals.Osmantikos were clearly influenced by the sound of Tragedy that so many other bands have tried to excel ever since, but honestly I wasn’t really aware of many bands playing that particular style of dark and melodic crust hardcore at the time. Although the Malaysian trio has been around for such a long time, they don’t have such a huge discography as you might expect. Besides a handful of splits and short EPs, Survival is actually their first proper full-length released in 2019. Having that in mind, Survival is the release I’ve been hoping they will eventually get around to doing—fast, intense, and unpretentious crustcore with a clean production to enjoy at best. If you’re still getting shivers after putting on bands like Tragedy, The Holy Mountain, or Cop On Fire, here’s a band from Malaysia that provides this wholesome goodness in a dirty dozen. Hypertension crust is back! taken from Osmantikos - survival lp review on Razorcake zine Self-described “Hypertension crustcore since 2006,” there’s something wickedly charming about this over-the-top Malaysian trio. A split release between half a dozen international DIY labels, Survival features a full color poster/lyric sheet, skulls and rats and rat skulls all over the place, tons of soundbites, and well-recorded and executed metallic crust. Fans of the genre take note, because these guys rip. Like, this shit is doom-laden. While it’s musically not my bag, I absolutely love and respect the DIY spirit of cooperation and community being shown here. taken from Malaysian band Osmantikos describe their sound as “hypertension crustcore,” which is a perfect fit for me and my record high blood pressure readings. Osmantikos’ Survival album is a truly international effort, with a host of punk labels releasing the LP: see Czech Republic label Phobia Records, Swedish label Not Enough Records, US label SPHC, Japanese label Too Circle Records, and more. It’s easy to see why everyone got involved, too. Osmantikos’ crustcore is sturdily built, but still welcomingly unvarnished, with pounding tracks powered by whirlwind aggression and plenty of animated music. Osmantikos have released half a dozen recordings, including a split with Canadian raw punk legends Absolut, and Survival is easily the band’s best and burliest release yet. taken from

Monday, April 26, 2021

BULL 104 : Genöme - young, beautiful & free cassette.

OUT NOW!!! BULL 104 : Genöme - young, beautiful & free cassette. Loud and noisy crasher mangel crusty punk from Malmö Sweden. Genöme makes a follow up to their ”The Sound Of Loud Ringing In The Ear – tape” this time with some changes within the band that can be noticed in a good way. As a new bassplayer has taken control of the noise it’s been a more distincts way of bringing out the wall of thundernoise. The satisfying and chaotic combination of the mental drumming, noisy guitar and furious vocals makes this a full on mad and powerfull follow up. This wont dissapoint you crasher noise crusters out there. RM15/4USD plus postage. Listen Genöme: Buy Genöme: