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Osmantikos was formed in Serdang, Malaysia and started on may 2006 as a 3 pieces crustcore band. (Don't ever asking why we choose this very name for our band). We have release 5 tracks "BURN ALL THE ORDER!"EP on pro-printed cdr (free with diy silkscreen patches). Its yours for RM5 by hand, RM6 postpaid and 4usd elsewhere. Diy to the deepest bones :)

Review on Attack!Fanzine Online (Swedish diy hc/punk online fanzine)
OSMANTIKOS Burn All the Order!EP CD This is a fairly new recording, July 2006, from a new band hailing from Malaysia - a criminally overlooked region of hardcore punk in my opinion. There's a lot of quality coming from there and Osmantikos are no different, even though they honestly might not be the absolute best of them all. Osmantikos mix in some crusty tunes with their otherwise pretty käng-ish hardcore and the result is a good one. It makes it step away from being too standard, while they don't add enough crust to be just another one of those bands either. Speed and weight go hand in hand throughout these five tracks and I appreciate this more and more for each listen. The sound quality might be a bit low, but other than that there's nothing wrong with this release.

Lyrically they go with the usual punk stuff - the do's and don'ts of society, oppression, breaking the chains etc. Topics feeling so much more honest and real than hearing them from e.g. some Swedish band.

Just a few small improvements here and there and perhaps a little better recording and some more individuality (further explore those guitar leads please) and this would take a huge leap forward, still being far from bad the way it is now. [Krogh, September 2006]
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