Friday, January 21, 2011



PROLETAR - physical and mental torture tape RM6ppd(local) & 5USD (world)
new album from Indonesian grindcore terror, 11 songs include Malignant Tumour, Cerebral Turbulency & Tersanjung 13 cover songs.

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION - Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction tape RM6ppd (local) & 5USD (world)
Centered around Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak's social criticisms and breakneck, jazz-inspired drumming, 'Peace, Love, And Total Fucking Destruction' pushes grindcore into uncharted, open-minded realms. Musical influences include the raw power of old Napalm Death, the progressive approach of old Minutemen, and the glory of classic rock radio.

HIRAX – The New Age of Terror tape RM6ppd (local) & 5USD (world)
The band continues in the same vein as previous records,but with a more technical well as,adding more Crunch and Heaviness to their music!!!Always forging forward to create a Faster and Heavier style of their own!! Wait till you hear this new record!! You will not be disappointed!!!
HELLBOMBS/ZUDAS KRUST split tape RM6ppd (locals) & 5USD (world)
Zudas Krust are from Indonesia (the best raw punk part of the World today) and they play raw hardcore punk. They don't sound like todays raw punk megastars! No, they do not just copy some 80s sound, they produce really nice and original noise, and big DIS YEAH for them. Hellbombs destroy the other side of tape with five songs, unlike their previous split with Hellexist, mix of rawpunk, disbeat and metal. A bit different from their split with Hellexist.
VOETSEK/MIND OF ASIAN split 7’ RM16ppd & 8USDppd (world)

This 7" commemorates the west coast tour that featured Voetsek and Mind Of Asian in 2008 with Voetsek bringing two tracks of raging hardcore punk to their side and Mind Of Asian lending three songs of their patented Japanese thrashcore to their side.

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