Monday, March 14, 2011


Low Fat/Onset Of Serious Problems cd RM11/6USD
OOSP play powerviolence meet fatscore with hyperblasting blastbeat from hell while Lowfat who play hc punk with Japan thrashcore ala Vivisick

HELLOWAR - On The March To The Final Doom CD + EP's Collection cd Rm11/8usd
The new album from Hellowar featuring 6 new songs with bonus 15 songs from their previous EP. Hailing from Jakarta/Tangerang, Indonesia, HELLOWAR plays a style of metallic crust hardcore (read: "neo-crust") not unlike TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, BLACK DOVE, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, and such. Comes with full colour artwork gatefold packaging and a live video set!

Dead By Six/Dead Symphony split Cd RM11/7usd
A collaborative effort by two DIY death metal bands from Southeast Asia, with each band having five or six new tracks, plus their respective demos attached at the end of the CD for an added bonus (24 brutal tracks in all). Musically this is super technical death metal (with tons of epic-sounding black metal influences) with gutturally screamed vocals.

SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Vinyl Collection 1995-2001 RM6/6USD
Slight Slappers are a fucking fast powerviolence band hailing from Tokyo, Japan since 1995. They play some hectic tight treble induced grind, the singer has a mighty screachy voice on him. Yet still very very good melodies and song stuctures, really interesting. You wont hear any breakdowns here, nothing but the best for this band. If you miss the CD, this tape is a must!

Unholy Grave - Revoltage RM6/6usd
Fuck yes, a new studio album from Japans reigning Grindcore kings UNHOLY GRAVE!!! All new songs, 23 tracks including the intro and outro, recorded in DIY style for a true old school sound. UNHOLY GRAVE have arguably donated their best material on this album, with some songs verging more into D-beat while others getting into the Metal zone but still staying punk as fuck!!!

REPOMAN - South East Asia Tour Tape RM6/6usd
Fuck yes! This is an "Australian Rules" rock 'n' roll scrimmage from hell! These psychotic punks from Sydney capture the thrash mania started in Orange County, California when that dangerous area was occupied by Costa Mesa skins and punks that thought BLACK FLAG was the best punk band in existence! (They were right!) The disparate similarities between New South Wales and Southern California are easily demostrated with the REPOMAN Quality Time EP. Side A smashes you in the fce with "Going Insane" and "Discharged", Fuck! This is Brutal Thrash with a capital "B"! The vocals are possessed by demons! The guitars churn deep in your bowels! Get the fuck out of way! The B-side features "Push Me To Far" and "Radiation", with all the thrash imperatives in place! Yes! The excellent REPOMAN EP has brilliant chugging punk guitar sound coupled with some top-notch hardcore vocals.

Cyberne 'Law' Rm6/6usd
This shit fails me. I’ve tried my best in describing this one up, but still failed to make an evaluation on where do this belong. Of course there is an introduction that I can borrow from the net like psycho-aggressive-psychedelic-whatever-it-is-hardcore-shit but still I can’t classify in what genre it do belongs to or what known influences they may take. This is a Japanese thing that you won’t get it very soon. Maybe it just like me first time listening to Melt Banana and accidentally dubbed it with Paintbox cassette. But watching them live was real good cause you can feel the languages explained in physical way, I can’t explained why it turn out differently when you put this in a walkman while everything else remains in a static mode.

Sista Sekunden "2006" RM6/6usd
Sista Sekunden is a hardcore punk band from Sweden with members from Intensity, Kontrovers, Skitkids and Satanic Surfers. Melodic hardcore punk, comparable to Citizen Arrest or even the now famous Career Suicide.

New split collection from both Malaysian band. Sarjan Hassan play crossover thrash compiling songs from their 7" split with People Again and soon to be release split with Black Hole Of Calcutta plus two new songs. At the B side, we have our self claim screamo punk from Rembau. Daighila tracks come from their split tape, Happy Little Creature comp, demo tape and also bonus two unrelease tracks.

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