Sunday, October 2, 2011

DISTRO (3rd October 2011)

Profane Existence Magazine#62 RM6

This issue includes a first hand account of the Jimmy John's Workers Union, the story of The Hole, an all ages DIY venue in Omaha, Nebraska and a photo gallery from Chris(tine) Boarts Larson.
Interviews with Resist, Asta Kask, Napalm Raid, and Colera. PE 62 is proud to feature a heart warming chat with Studs and Spikes dot com proprietor Nickle Pierce. Also, new band profiles, Featured Artist Mikehell Chernobyl plus reviews, columns and recipes certain to excite the senses.

Merkit - Discography CD RM20
38 tracks of venomous scathing and passionate HC/punk. This CD collects everything Merkit ever recorded, including rare tracks, some live stuff, and some unreleased early stuff. It's packaged in a recycled cardboard digipack, screenprinted, and with a nice full-color 24 page booklet with all the lyrics/pics/info/etc.

Beau Navire/Suffix split7" RM18
Suffix versus Beau Navire. Midwest screams versus those of the bay... who will win? Who will lose? Two new songs from Suffix, three from Beau Navire. Suffix hail from Chicago and play screamo in the vien of Daitro or Suis La Lune ...if only they were mathier. Beau Navire hail from San Francisco and features ex members of Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook and Spectres.

Beau Navire/Carrion Spring/Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio/Discord of a Forgotten Sketch 4-way split 8" RM35
This small piece of wax (8”) will see artists from all regions of North of America on the same disc. One canadian band, two american and one mexican who all make extreme music and who share the same ultimate goal: give it all. Features:
The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch
Carrion Spring
Beau Navire (ex Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook and Spectres)
Te Lloraría un Puto Río (ex Arse Moreira)

For fans of emo violence, screamo, modern hardcore. Limited to 500, on clear wax. Comes with a download code for a digital copy of the record.

You Suck s/t cassette RM8

2-Piece straightedge power violence from the UK. 8 songs, 7 which wrap up in little over 5 minutes and one long ass sludge as fuck track. You can tell these guys worship Godstomper and Iron Lung. Limited to 50 in white shells, encased in a silkscreened mailer.

after another dormancy of a few years, Raein is back with another full-length record. The reigning kings of the European screamo scene return with their best material to date. Where other bands within this same vein tend to rely on conventions, Raein discards and looks elsewhere for inspiration. Raein truly proves that on this album. This record sounds more inspired by bands such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. than any 90s emo or hardcore bands. Bended notes, feedback, and walls of distortion are as common as the clean guitar parts, and each bit is highlighted by the production of this beautiful record. The prevalent bass adds a certain groove to this record that many within this genre lack. Shared vocal duties work extremely well for Raein. Most lines are done by both vocalists, adding noticeable elements of vocal interplay when one rises above the other. Don’t snooze on this one, it has the potential to be regarded as the magnum opus of European screamo.

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