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HATRED SURGE - Collection 2008 - 2009 CD RM28
The 2nd collection on BAF. Another 24 ball tearing tunes from Hatred Surge. This cd release contains all tracks from the DECONSTRUCT 12", previously released on LP by both RFL (USA) & RSR (EUR) and both the ISOLATED HUMAN 7" on Painkiller Records & the 2 track SERVANT/BESTIAL 7" ep on Deer Healer Records.

HATRED SURGE - Collection 2005 - 2007 CD RM28
All out of print material up until '07 on the one disc. This is nothing but ruthless head smashing hardcore that makes all grindcore sound weak as piss.

THE KILL - Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta Pbs (Live To Air) MCD RM28
Sixteen tracks of straight up grind. Both violent & Blast as Fuck, the way it should be. All tracks recorded live to air. Includes fourteen new onslaughts & 2 oldies re-visited.

Limited CD edition of the upcoming split 7" ep with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF! This disc's gives you six rounds of KILL style grindcore... Single Pedal Metal.

STATE OF FEAR self-titled 7" RM20
The brilliant debut EP from one of the most successful political thrash bands of the 1990's. Formed by Jay (ex-Disrupt) and Jon (ex-Deformed Conscience), State of Fear made several successful tours and released three awesome record releases before their untimely demise in 1997. Jointly re-issued with Fired Up! Originally released by Reiterate Records. This 7" was long out of print but PE crew found a small box while cleaning out their storage.Available once again... until they are gone.

Still Available!

Counterblast - Nothingness 2xLP RM90
fInally a new full length by this swedish slow dark crust heroes! Monumental crust from Sweden with a very unique style that blends elements of crust, metal and somewhat ambient, eerie and tribal sounding music together. You can hear some influences from other bands such as Amebix, Dystopia and Neurosis in parts, but Counterblast's is something truly unique that must be experienced to understand how amazing this is.

Behind Enemy Lines - One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God LP RM50
After two long years of silence, BEHIND ENEMY LINES has finally recorded the follow-up to their brilliant Know Your Enemy and The Global Cannibal albums. This new effort contains an equally ferocious sound of their previous efforts, with powerful Scandi-crust with a machine-gun-like punch, and of course the scaything, hyper-political lyrics that aren't afraid to name names and list address for those responsible for fucking over the world. If you do not already know BEHIND ENEMY LINES, then you are missing some of the most intense, anti-authoritiarian punk rock of our ages, made by veteran members of some of the most influencial Amarican hardcore/punk bands fo the last decade (AUS-ROTTEN, REACT, PIST, CAUSTIC CHRIST, etc.). This is the highest quality release in all respects and a easily ranking among the best punk / hardcore / metal albums of the decade!

6 tracks of unrelenting melodic hardcore from Australia's Schifosi. Epic, brutal, quintessential hardcore crust with female vocals. Extremely powerful lyrics, artwork, and presentation. Taking right where their LP "Ill Winds from Outopia" left off, this release is darker, heavier, and more melody driven.

Counterblast "Faceless" 10" RM45
Finally, 2 new songs (20 minutes) from those amazing swedes. Ultra intense, dark crust punk in the vein of Neurosis. Passionate and apocalyptic. The first new release in several years. Monumental crust from Sweden with a very unique style that blends elements of crust, metal and somewhat ambient, eerie and tribal sounding music together.

AUSSITOT MORT - Discographie 2xLP RM90
AUSSITOT MORT from the north of france need no introduction. Everybody knows them. Finest french screamo with lots of melodic and sometimes post-rockish parts. This is a Discography with their so far released stuff. You will get the 4 songs from their first LP. Followed by the song from the split with Balboa Balboa und another songs which has not been released on vinyl so far. The second LP contains the whole material from the Montuenga LP. Comes in a nice, completely new designed Cover artwork in Gatefoldformat.

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