Friday, February 15, 2013


Soon on Bullwhip Records Distro!

Cyness/P.L.F. - Split EP 7' RM25+postage
CYNESS from Potsdam teams up with P.L.F. from Houston Texas on this 7”. Cyness is acting over decade brutal grind metal, here are 3 new Tracks, recorded in 2010. P.L.F. is the illegitimate marriage of grindcore and thrash metal. For those that buy into the idea that Rock and Roll has lost its grit, PLF and the Gulf Coast Hardcore scene should renew your faith.

Herätys - Naen Punaista EP 7' RM25+postage
The hardcore maniacs Herätys are back but only to say good bye and fuck off. After their ripping debut LP and killer EP they keep it up and bring you 7 more ragers on this EP. Sadly the farewell show of SEEIN RED was also their last live appearance but on vinyl you can get a last fix of this absolute Scandinavian hardcore superiority.

Skitkids/Nightmare - Split EP 7' RM25+postage
Limited edition with silk screen cover! What a hell of a Split 7inch. Two great bands teamed up for the Japan tour and brought together 4 devastating tracks to blow you away. Skitkids with their mix of scandinavian hardcore, crust and AC/DC and Nightmare with a total assault. So lean back and enjoy LOUD.

*Item will be arrived late February 2013.
email for more info.Trima kaseyy!!!

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