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NEW RELEASES!!!BULL: 037 URSUT - Dårarnas Paradis Tape (SOLD OUT)

URSUT - Dårarnas Paradis Tape
Ursut is a four-piece hardcorepunkband from Malmö, Sweden, and consist of members from a.o. Intensity, Kontrovers, Atlas Losing Grip and Project Hopeless. The band started out late 2009 and was soon to record a well recieved demo. Some shows were made and in 2011 the album “Dårarnas paradis” (Fools’ paradise) (La Familia Releases) was recorded at Studio Bengt. Straight on d-beat hardcorepunk with lyrics in swedish.

These Swedes releases this record themselves. An LP version is released on La Familia
Records from Germany. What do you get : 14 songs in Swedish. What a style : a nice mixture of Hardcore,D-beat,Punk. Pounding : yes. Well recorded : yes.Good artwork : yes. Original :Hmmm, i don't know. There's so much bands playing dbeat/hardcore and it's a ;; good but in my opinion it's also a lot 'more of the same'. of course there's a rocking' feel to it, great musicianship and all but i don't hear something that makes this raise the bar somewhat higher. However, if this style makes you smile this release will sure add to the wideness of the smile so please give it a try. Members of well known Swedish bands involved by the way. Review taken from Short,Fast& Loud #26.

URSUT comes from Sweden, and features members of bands such as KONTROVERS and PROJECT HOPELESS. Much like the members’ previous projects, URSUT plays pounding, blisteringly heavy hardcore in the now-classic Swedish tradition. Somewhat epic, somewhat metallic, yet still punk as fuck. Despite all of these features, this disc left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. There’s no denying that these dudes are excellent at what they do, and they certainly carry the modern Swedish hardcore banner. However, it all seems a bit too “by the book” and generic for my tastes. There’s very little that stands out here. Nothing that elevates this from a well-played release to an excellent one. After hearing the first two tracks, it got to a point where I could predict all the parts of the rest of the songs before they happened.
That being said, I’m sure this band is absolutely smoking live. These songs and their shout-along choruses are made for a live setting. I just wish I could be somewhat excited by their recorded material. Better luck next time. (Inbred)

Review taken from Profane Existence webzine.

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