Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 NEW RELEASES!!!!!

We have 3 new releases in the early beginning of 2017.This year marks the 13 years of Bullwhip Records releasing bands all around the world that I loved so much. I would like to thanks to all of you for the continuous support all these years and also to the bands that I have released, thanks a lot for the trust, support and friendship. and yeah, cheers for another great 13 more years!!!!  :)

The new release are 2 cassette from Swedish brutal Kangpunk, Utanförskapet (Vildhjärta lp and self title lp) and Korean crazy powerviolence, Arryam (dance violence). Each are RM10 (Malaysia-plus postage) and 4usd (plus postage). Overseas order, we do accept paypal so kindly to email us for more info.

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