Sunday, November 10, 2019

BULL 086 : S.L.A.R.V. ‎– Skitsmak i Munen Efteratt Ha Slickat Pa Verkligheten cassette (SOLD OUT)


BULL 086 : S.L.A.R.V. ‎– Skitsmak i Munen Efteratt Ha Slickat Pa Verkligheten cassette
Debut release from Malmö's' noise ragers hardcore attack. Members of Skitkids, Glorious?, Infernöh etc. Originally released on cassette by Glue Man Recs on 2014. 12" by D-TAKT & RÅPUNK. South east asian version by Bullwhip.FFO Confuse, Gai, The Swankys, Chaos UK. Limited to 100 copies.RM13 plus postage (Malaysia) & 4USD plus postage (International).
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