Sunday, October 18, 2009

BULL001 (Out of stock)

SILBATO s/t tape – screamo hc from Italy. 17 tracks including 5 unreleased tracks exclusive on this tape. (June 2004)

"....Silbato plays to you driving hardcore with harsh edge; much of it reminded me of CATHRASIS, Their sound blasts forward with influences of metal, screamo, melodic hardcore and chaotic hardcore, lots and lots of style are present here, as Silbato creates a lovely hybrid of powerful noise..." Lisa Oglesby - HeartAttack #36. "Emotional hardcore in the vein of ENVY, with elements of old school hc insted of ENVY's Japanese influences. Vocal screams that occasionally turns into waits, and plenty of build ups that make your botty shake. They are at their best when the energy level is peaked, and the result is pure intensity..." Slug & Lettuce #81.

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