Sunday, October 18, 2009

BULL002 (Out of stock)

EARTH TODAY 2001/2002 tape. (July 2004 )

Basting fast crust core from Finland in vein of DISRUPT compiling their split 7” ep with Positive Bastards, Urine Specimen, 2003 studio demo cd, covers from Sepultura,Amen and Kaaos plus bunch of compilation lp/cd and unreleased tracks. RM6PPD

“A great release from these hardcore dudes from Finland. The music sort of has a Ripcord or Heresy feel to it. The difference is that the vocals are way off from that. We have two vocalists. One is the chicken screaming like hell, and the other is the bear who is rough and gruff getting his point out. Very cool tuff”. Nate Wilson - Heartattack #44. “...Awesome mix of furious thrashing punk and black metal screams set to Japanese hardcore drum beats. Pro cassette with lyrics in English and Finnish”. Slug & Lettuce #82.

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