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Agorhy - Ruptura CD RM20
First up is the debut album from Agorhy, who are a brutal Death/Grind band from Rio De Janeiro. Their Brazilian roots are obvious from the off, as the bouncy tribal beats that herald in, Ibope do Medo, instantly make an impression, as they remind you of another, very famous, Brazilian band. After that though, the similarities end as Agorhy start to blast away as if their lives depended on it. This cd has 19 tracks in total, with a running time of around 63 minutes. The first 8 tracks are the Ruptura album, the remaining 11 tracks are culled from the bands 2 demos. Hybris from 2000 and 2002's Evergrind. As you'd expect, the production on the demos is pretty raw, but at least it shows the progression that Agorhy have made in the past 6 years.
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Melodic technical metal. Some definite Thrash, Death, and HC nods.

Circle The Wagons - Forbidden to Eat Worms CD RM20
Guitar thrashin' hardcore punk'n rollers from Nelson, BC offer nine tracks of solo-laden mayhem, condensing everything right about 80's punk and metal into an 18 minute monstrosity.

Five guys from the cold north of Italy for an unconventional extreme album: they are able to merge grindcore with the mysticism of the norwegian black metal. You can recognize their style and their attitude from every track of the cd. But also the artwork is interesting: all is minimal, all is white, nothing in common with other grindcore or black metal releases.

Damage Digital is a nervous GrindCore band with HardCore influenced from Japan with dual male and female vocalist. 5 unreleased songs.
Abortion is old and cult band from Slovakia and plays true GrindMinceCore. 2 songs + cover song from Impetigo (Boneyard).
12 minutes of pure Extreme GrindCore!!!


Horrificia / Raped Bitch split CD RM20
Next up is a split cd, featuring Horrificia, who again hail from Rio de Janeiro and Raped Bitch, a one man band from the Ecuador capital, Quito. From the well produced Grind of Agorhy, we are thrown headlong in the underground, with the all-out blasting of Horrificia. This is so loud and brutal that I had to turn my headphones right down as this made my ears feel as if they were going to explode. Subtle this most certainly ain't and I'm sure a cleaner production would tame this beast just a little. But this is far from clean and it's a short, sharp lesson in brutality.
I don't speak Spanish at all, but I instantly understood the title, Abuso del Recto. I think our good friend in Raped Bitch wants to abuso del eardrums too, as this is a frightful noise that isn't really fit for release. It's just a noisy mess, with a few sex based samples thrown in for good measure. While the production for Horrificia wasn't brilliant, it was still good enough for you to appreciate their music, RB on the bother hand, is just pure plain awful. All 16 songs of this split cd are blasted out in 24 minutes, but I suggest you only listen to the first 7.
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Never Found/Molotov Cocktail split cdr RM6
total punk rock madness splt from Malysia dan Indonesia.

intense turbo crustcore from Malaysia meets alcocider dbeat punk from Singapore.

Uzomi - s/t CD RM20
Kick arse album mixing pure THRASHCRUSTCROSSOVER with two insane vocals (ThrashOldPunk & GrindCore screams). For fans of S.O.D., OLD C.O.C., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, UNCURBED, HIATUS, ETC.


latest issue fearturing interview with Ratos De Porao, Funerot and Common Enemy. Tons of awesome FAST record review.

Give Me Back #5 RM5
This issue features interviews with Pygmy Lush, Dead Friends, Kimya Dawson, Next Victim (from Poland), and artist Sean Mahan. Also, it’s larger than the last few issues, at 64 pages, and it’s packed with a ton of record reviews, book and zine reviews, photos, and columns from: Katy Otto, Travis Magoo, Keith Rosson, Hope Amico, Julia Booze, The Down There Health Collective, a guest column from Stephen Pierce and another addition to the rotating Teacher Column.

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #314 (July 2009) RM15
Interviews with Libyans, Coke Bust, Strange Boys, Turboslut,a history od squatting in Italy, Toronto scene report and tons more.

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #314 (August 2009) RM15
Interviews with Zero Boys, Punch, Etacarinae, London and Bresr scene report and many more!!!!


Compact Disk

Agathocles / The Vanishing Act - Split CD RM20
Ottawas own The Vanishing Act have some killer new material available following a split 7" w/ Unholy Grave (Japan), a split CD with Belgiums mince core legends Agathocles who also kill with 11 new tunes recorded in January 07'

Aktiv Dodshjalp - 4:48 Cd RM20
The album has a sound that makes the listener recognize the band. The music has developed into something new, and thanks to the new members, the band has been take to a whole new level, that weren’t possible before. The music is harder and more metal, but still has a base of crust in it.
4:48 is a record that will affect everyone that listens to it will knock the listener down in his shoes.

Ampere - First Five Years CD RM20
A collective piece of their work including materials of Daitro split 7" /
Compilation track for Exotic Fever / Ringers split 6" / Compilation track for Shit Avalanche /Funeral Diner split 9" / Welcome the Plague Year split 5" / Wolves split 7" / Demo tape 7" /Oath split LP / Live at Dead Air 4-way split 11".

Argentinum Astrum - Self-titled cdr RM11
Dirty South slow as mud Doom Metal. 1 song in 30 minutes. These four boys make a huge racket you can feel to your toes. For fans of THOU, BORIS, and SLEEP.

2 Scottish bands team up here, Atomgevitter playing rocking thrash punk, Filthpact playing old school grindcore.

Aussitôt Mort – Montuenga CD RM20
Japanese Version cd of Aussitôt Mort (france) new album "Montuenga".
Awesome ruffs to bring you the new taste of hardcore can exist today.
Members of Amanda Woodward and Apollo Program.

A pretty strange album from Macedonia of all places (which was previously a part of Yugoslavia , if yer geography is rusty), sent to us by Fuck Yoga Records. The bizarre name is a reference to Silence Of The Lambs, and these guys aren't the only band to use it: some quick google scanning turned up a Texan harsh noise outfit from the early '90s that had members of Black Leather Jesus and a funk-punk band from Oregon who both used the same name. The Macedonian Bill Skins Fifth is neither harsh power electronics nor Faith No More-influenced rap gunk, however. Rather, these weirdos cobble together a chaotic, fucked-up mess of neurotic metalcore, jazz, mathy indie rock, and melodic post-hardcore that's pretty damn experimental and disjointed but actually manages to keep me interested in spite of it schizo patchwork of dissonant metallic hardcore somewhere in between older Converge and Botch colliding head-on with jangly angular guitars, pop hooks, Primus-y basslines, and full on blasts of free jazz. I think there's some kind of concept at work here, with the series of illustrations in the booklet and the abstract personal lyrics seeming to tie into an ongoing story the band is telling with this album, but I'm not too sure. In any case, this is some cool, damaged metalcore weirdness, that's for sure. CRUCIAL BLAST review.

BLACKOUT Stop the Clock CD RM20
Following directly on their heels of their 2007 debut LP, Minneapolis ’ BLACKOUT deliver another dose of angst-ridden punk rock'n'roll madness. The music is powerful hardcore punk (read POISON IDEA) with a healthy dose of MOTÖRHEAD style metal. Lyrics are cut-to-the-bone observations about life on the ugly underside of society and are heavily influenced by classic American Blues music. BLACKOUT members have been part of the Profane Existence family for nearly two decades and include members of ASSRASH, PROVOKED, STILLBORN, PHALANX, etc. As with the previous album, this was recorded at the House of Misery studio and a vinyl version will soon be out on Aborted Society Records. Musically this album is much more matured than their previous album and the production is not as roughshod nor rushed as their first release.

BLACKOUT are amongst our favorite local bands, playing some of the most intense old-school punk rock to be heard anywhere in the world. With ASSRASH's Gooch and Collin from FALLEN GRACES heading up a twin guitar attack, and a rhythm section comprises of PROVOKED's Joe on Drums and Grant on Bass, BLACKOUT stacks the deck with some of the most gifted musicians our community has to offer. Musically this band pounds out the punk tuneage with a guitar heavy and gruff vocal style of POISON IDEA and the kind of rockin' riffs that made ASSRASH so awesome. When we found out there was no CD release planned for this awesome, PE stepped up to the bat and will be releasing it in early May, just in time for their West Caost tout (dates to be posted soon). Of course, we're biased about this record, but so are Rob and Stace of Aborted Society Records who released the vinyl: "From the storms of Minneapolis sub-zero winters hails BLACKOUT with their debut LP release on Aborted Society. Drawing on equal parts hardcore, punk, blues, and metal, this is ten tracks of raw, unabided Midwest madness. Recorded by Jon Greenslit at the House of Misery Studios in 2006, this is the alcoholic soundtrack for the apocalypse - a heavy influential doseage of Motorhead and Poison Idea while retaining a strong DIY punk sensibility. Impeccably catchy riffs and bluesy guitar solos wind their way through songs of drinking and rogue debauchery. Includes current and ex-members of Provoked, Scorned, Stillborn, Assrash, and Phalanx, among others.

Bombstrike - Born Into This CD RM20
The swedish warmaschine is back. 12 new swedish crusty hardcore tunes that falls somewhere between Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade. Great stuff, tight withall of the brutality and intensity you could need.

Cease Upon The Capitol - untitled CDEP RM16
The next step in musical evolution, Cease Upon The Capitol up the ante in the heavy music arena. 10 tracks in 21 minutes. Instrumentals melt into driving rock jams fit for window-down highway drives. My Bloody Valentine meets Boris meets Envy meets Converge. Styles clash and ricochet off each other, and a certain style of unpredictability doesn't hide an overwhelming sense of cohesion. Fans of their previous releases will be blown away by the shape their music has taken.

CERTIFIED INSANE - raw,crude n' relentless CD RM16
metal grind from germany.

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire - Harmonies From Bleeding Mouths cd RM20
Death/Grind/Metalcore from Colorado ,US.

Curve - Broken Beautiful Product CD RM20
full-length from this japanese duo. they have a very unique sound, but often is reminiscent of mineral or jimmy eat world. songs are very emotional, well put together. the singer has a nice voice and sings in english. don't hear too much coming from japan like this.

Cockroach "Take Four" cd RM15
Powerful crusty hardcorepunk from the village of Panningen , in The Netherlands.

Dip Leg - The Sympathy Without Love CD RM20
The melodies move from soothing to energetic, all the while spastic abrasive vocals carry another tune. This vocal tune is sometimes a little too harsh for my taste, but it is contrasted with such beautifully written rock. Oh yeah, they are Japanese, so this adds another level of coolness to the band. Although the vocals can be abrasive, I can't understand what the hell he is saying anyways, so he got a free spin on that one. They did put the lyrics in both Japanese and English inside the cd, which is an added bonus. Pure Japanese screamo at its best.

Disforia - Evoluzione CDEP RM16
4 Tracks of heavy crust a la Disrupt/Extreme Noise Terror plus bonus video clip all the way from Italy.

The second full length release from the standard bearers of UK "crust," with 12 powerful new tracks that live up to and far surpass previous efforts. Antisect and Amebix influences abound (including a cover of "Arise") and timely political lyrics across the board. Crunching guitars, powerful vocals, and no heavy metal wanking - they way the genre was meant to be played! This is a joint release with the band's own Xtinction Records, who have released the CD version.

Gaidhlig Na Lasair cd RM15
Fifteen songs in Gaelic by Oi Polloi, Mill a h-Uile Rud, Atomgevitter, Nad Aislingean and The Thing Upstairs. Gaelic is a minority language in Scotland, which is believed to die out within a century. These bands do their best to make sure that will not happen.

Gauge Means Nothing - The Absent Trail of an Echo CDEP RM16
the first release by tokyo, japan's gauge means nothing. a unique blend of emo, hardcore, and metal which sounds like a mix between the assistant and envy. their sound is complimented by female vox and keyboards. this is a band you don't want to miss out on. the cd has a bonus track not available on the LP.

GUIDA - s/t CD RM15
all-stars band from Italy ex-here-and-there. mixing the fury of itlian old school hc, the strenght of crust and the rage of japcore!!!

IMPERIAL LEATHER Do You Know Where Your Children Are? CD RM20
The second full length album from Stockholm ’s IMPERIAL LEATHER. This new album sees a shift to a much more raw and primal sound, losing much of the poppy innocence of their previous releases. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to IMPERIAL LEATHER, this album is sure to be a new favorite: defiant female vocals over raw punk rock n’ roll with a hint of classic American hardcore circa early 1980s AGENT ORANGE and WIPERS. High energy hardcore punk from start to finish that will leave you begging for more. Perhaps you have been living under a rock and do not yet know the joys of IMPERIAL LEATHER. This Swedish punk rock "super group" has been going for a half dozen years now and is made up of members whose numerous other projects count among legends, including MEANWHILE, NO SECURITY, DS-13, BRUCE BANNER, ABDUCTEE S.D., SPIDER CUNTS, etc. They have toured Europe and the States on several occasions and this album will be their third appearance on Profane Existence Records.

Jesus Mullet - Waiting For The Next Wagon cdr RM11
Originally formed in February 2001 by Jay Chapman and Mark McGee, Jesus Mullet's goal is to play straight up heavy rock 'n' roll. After acquiring bass player Andrew Rashotte in early 2002, the band has recorded several demos and most recently recorded the full-length "Waiting For The Next Wagon".

Kids of Carnage "First Two Years - Discography" CD RM20
..Cape Cod..'s own snotty punk rockers are back with some more carnage! This features the first 7", the demo, the soon-to-be release second 7", and some stuff that will only be on this disc. While keeping the same snotty and fast punk 'tude, these guys throw in some more metalic riffs and melody, with two new members. Packaged in a slip sleeve with a color photo insert with a whole ton of lovely Cape.

Killie – Ressurection LIVE@Shinjyuku LOFT dvd RM11.
Dvd of Killie (Japan) playing "Ressurection" @ Tokyo Shinjyuku LOFT.
High sound and visual quality with the greatest impact of their live show.

Krupskaya - Clouds Over Pripyat CD RM20
A truly devastating collection of 18 songs in about as many minutes, Krupskaya's terrifying grind-metal mix overlaid with harsh noise, stuck pig vocals and creepy samples is totally apocalyptic, the aftermath echoed by the strangely beautiful scenes of nuclear meltdown that adorn the artwork
review taken from Collective Zine

Kontrovers "s/t" CD RM20
Fuck yeah… this is excellent, vicious Swedish hardcore. It's got the heaviness of Skitsystem with a slightly rawer edge, and mixed in with the brutally heavy crust/hardcore approach is some His Hero is Gone sounding dissonance at times. There are tons of tempo changes too, from blistering speed to pounding slow breaks, so overall there's a ton of diversity crammed into compact little tracks that rarely stretch past the two-minute mark. The vocals are just raging shouts, some a bit higher, some a bit lower. The instrumental track, "…", which uses some dark metal riffing with nicely integrated samples, is definitely a huge standout here: The perfect halfway point for the CD as a whole. Some tracks like "Flower Violence" and "Skateboard Rebels" are much more straightforward than others, but equally as intense. I love the production. The guitar tone is a little bit rugged, but the mix is so perfect that everything works together, as well it should. The drums sound fucking awesome, the distorted bass tone totally rips, and the vocals match the textures of the guitars very well. All in all a very effective sound for what they've got going on here. The disc comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve using black and gold inks on thick matte paper. Inside is a thick black and white booklet, also on matte paper, with all of the lyrics (some in Swedish, some in English) as well as brief song explanations. The lyrics attack racism, sexism, greed, as well as talking about society just being fucked up in general with less serious tracks like "Skateboard Rebels" to mix it up a bit. This is an awesome fucking CD, I'm shocked that I haven't heard about this band before. I recognize the name, but that's about it. I wish I had heard this sooner. Highly recommended for fans of the glorious Swedish hardcore scene.

Mahakala s/t CD RM20
The debut of this sludgecore steamroller from Greece 5 tracks with influences of Bongzilla, Buzzoven, Iron Monkey, Cavity, Sleep, Alabama Thunderpussy and Eyehategod.

This is what what happens if you take two grumpy old men, an expatriate Portlander, notorius for being in great bands, and a travelling Kiwi stuck in South-West Germany and lock them up in a practice room and a van. This record catches MDX shortly after their Balkan experience, delivering 12 tracks of no frills, no bullshit, adrenaline-overdosed, pissed Hardcore Punk (and we mean that!) with the occasional hook. You hate the cops, the imperialist warmachine, religious wingnuts of all fractions, earth rapers and assholes in general? Welcome to the club - this is your soundtrack to sing along to! Has the first - 1929 - "DIS" song ever written in Punk Rock history and comes with a TERVEET KÄDEET and an ARM THE INSANE cover. MDX decided a long time ago that they are too old to die young and chose to rock the hell out of it instead - with almost 100 years of Punk Rock Experience by this bunch of old time scenesters you can expect the formula to be nailed down. For those of you that are gasping for some name dropping: features Ex- and current members of BELCHING BEET, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, ENDROPHOBIA, CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, SUICIDE BLITZ, DETESTATION and of course current and future Ex-members of MURDER DISCO X!

MISERY Next Time / Who's The Fool CD RM20
Some of the best tracks and recordings from Minneapolis legendary fore-fathers of "crust." Includes their entire 1995 Next Time recording session (including their tracks from the ultra-rare split picture disc with Assrash), the Who's the Fool LP (their second amazing full-length LP from 1994), plus two studio-recorded tracks from the original 1988 line-up, with Al on vocals, including the unreleased song New Years Day.

M:40 Tomma ord är inte värda ett skit" CD RM16
M:40 is a crust/hardcore-band situated in Lidköping , SWEDEN The whole project was borned from a totally improvised recording (the first demo), late fall 2002. After the release of the second demo the demands increased and the sound got a more serious mark. After that we recorded two songs for the compilation "Hjälp snuten, slå dig själv" (Help the Cops, Beat Yourself Up) wich was realeased by Evigt Lidande and Halvfabrikat. In spring of 2005 we recorded the album "Tomma Ord Är Inte Värda Ett Skit" wich was realeased the 1th of August 2005 by Em Records with support from HoboRec.

Niden Div. 187 - Impergium / Towards Judgement CD RM20
One of many side-projects of Dawn members Henke Forss and Jocke Petersson.This time they were joined by another Thy Primordial member and the guitarist of A Canorous Quintet. They released a few CDs but later called it quits to focus on their main bands, Dawn and Thy Primordial. Both their albums were re-released together in 2004. Re-release of their two previous albums on one cd. Licensed to Barbarian Records from Necropolis Records.
On the back cover, track 4 "In the Twilight of War" is misspelled "In the
Twilight of Dawn" and there are 14 tracks on the CD, but only 13 listed on the
back cover.

Netjajev Society System s/t cd RM20
13 tracks of Rupture Inspired hardcore

Obligatorisk Tortyr – Aterforodelse CD RM20
The swedish grind / crust sickos are back with a 26 track CD. This three piece outfit combines old school grindcore with crustcore in the vein of Looking For An Answer and Skitsystem.

Point At Others mcd RM11
Six songs of hardhitting uptempo hardcore from The Netherlands. This is a co-release with Shield Recordings and Crash Landing Records.

PUTRESCENCE - fatal white putules upon septic organs CD RM20
This 16 track full length is gruesome deathgrind mixed an enraged thrash brain hammering third gory chapter in putrescence reign of horror, fear and toxic plasma. these new studio tracks with some live and previously unreleased material is a true blackedout drunk poseur-stomping party from the depths of hell. come for the defecation, stay for the vomit.

Reltih – “13 Years In Misery CD RM20
Reltih are the five piece outfit coming from Portugal playing metallic hardcore crust. They started as a band in 1993, but were on hiatus for 7 years in between 2000 and 2007 , when Paulo and Daniel decided to start the band over again and added Sofia on vocals, Goncalo on bass and Nuno on vocals to the Reltih crew.
Their last album “13 Years In Misery” was released last year, and contains 13 songs that reveal a lot of d-beat crust, hardcore punk and metal influences ranging from Discharge to Disrupt, from classic Brazilian thrash core to now days modern metal(core) bands (listen for instance “Possessed By Greed”). What I feel is that production didn’t succeed entirely in an attempt to capture the band’s energy and that these songs are much more powerful in their live versions. Lyrics are standard hardcore punk themes and you can read and hear their view on environmentalism, child abuse, materialism, capitalism and so on.
Last but not least, the CD and the inlays are looking professional and don’t look at all as if they were released by DIY record label – hats off for this extra effort.
Perhaps Reltih don’t create revolutionary music in the genre context, but you should give it a try and you might be warmly surprised
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Sanctions - Home Sweet Home cd RM20
Crushing, depressive d-beat crust punk from nashville re-lighting the torch of tennessee crust, sanctions brings more melody and catharsis to the genre. for fans of ekkaia, from ashes rise, and his hero is gone.

SEITAN D-Beat Hippy Lovers CD RM20
This 14 track CD is the debut release by SEITEN, an intensely furious= d-beat hardcore band from Gothenburg,Sweden. Musically SEITAN play raw and brutal hardcore punk in a style that pays homage classic early 80's d-sound. On top of it all are guttural style vocals that give this an over-all sound not too dissimilar to the first couple of SORE THROAT albums. While the message herein is totally political, there is an obviously humorous undertone to everything band does, keeping it interesting and setting them apart from all the other d-beat clones.

Stack-"Konkret Lichtgeschwindikeit" CD RM15
When it comes too all out thrashcore mastery no one in Europe compares to Stack!! Light speed fastcore meets violent hardcore like Drop Dead or Capitalist Casualties. One of the best thrashcore records released in 4 years, this shit is off the hook!! CD version serves as a discography containing the tracks from the LP as well as all their previous recordings.

SHACKLED DOWN is new band with PIGNATION members in its line-up. This debut full length executes 14 tight and short anthems typical for US thrash/hardcore/crossover tradition of '80's, comprarable to STRAIGHT AHEAD, SICK OF IT ALL, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, SEPTIC DEATH, D.R.I. Melodies, breakdowns, choruses and splendid artwork are definitely good sides of "The Crew". Songs like "Get Out Off My Face", "Show Me Your Tolerance" or "Six 6 Six For Life" say it all. Prepare yourself for huge dose of high energy thrash that will shackle you down!!!.

SKITKIDS -Besöket Vid Krubban CD RM20
Raw and brutal hardcore punk with loads of great rock guitar leads a hell of a drumming a thundering bass and a insanely and angry vocalist on top of all. Lyric wise you get a totally pissed writing in a sociopolitical way, against multicoporations, fucked rock stars behaviors within the punk scene and a big pis on the Swedish state. Most intense and powerful recording.

Super Timor - Cauchemar D'Esque CD RM20
If I hadn't already known Super Timor from their demo, then the cover would have confused me. It’s a painting of a Lovecraftian horror on a background of Celtic imagery. The only thing that it really compares to is the artwork on some of the releases from Shifty Records. That’s perhaps the best indication of what lies within, as Super Timor’s music shares some similarities with the Shifty brand of sludgecore. Neither, however, have anything to do with paganism, Celtic or otherwise. Since the demo has already been reviewed, I will focus exclusively on the new material. I didn't bother to post a translation of the bonus tracks since a translation was included with the demos review. But still, you don't see an eight song bonus disc everyday. That's pretty much a free full-length release.
As mentioned, Super Timor play sludgecore. More precisely, they play a mixture of doom and sludge with some Winter style doom/death elements thrown in. The album has a slightly cocky feel it. It still creates a raw and negative atmosphere, albeit one that is slightly aggressive as well. Another development which I really like is the technical guitar play that transitions between sections of heavy, stomping riffage. There is even a part in 'Le Bar Des Babalettis' that's clearly borrowed from the Pink Panther theme song. You wouldn’t think it, but it actually fits with the song rather nicely. The music of Monsieur Panther has never sounded more bastardly, and it's just a small sample of where Super Timor will go musically. The album contains lots of unexpected elements which not only fit well together, but gives the music an identity all its own. They say that the French like to do things their own way, and Super Timor’s music illustrates this quite clearly.
However, Super Timor’s music fails to be as appealing as that of more famous acts, like Eyehategod; and the absence of any truly memorable moments doesn’t help either. No, it seems that Super Timor’s music appeals only to a select few. However, if you like your doom to be dirty, raw, and experimental, then Super Timor is right up your alley. taken from

Take One For The Team - Mosh Hard With A Vengeance CD RM20
Twenty blast-attacks from Take One For The Team, thrashcore crazies from Ottawa Canada.This full length blazes by in just over 11 minutes and comes with a rad booklet and killer artwork.

The Maloney Crew - There's No Turning Away cdr RM5
Thirteen songs on this monster full length CD from Ottawa 's own Maloney Crew. This album features four re-recorded songs from their previous release "Breaking The Chains".

The Antennas/Take One For The Team - The Banana Split CD RM20
Ottawa natives Take One for the Team have teamed up with the now defunct Antennas for a split that proves why Ottawa bands are making their mark as of late. The Antennas put for a good effort, with dueling axes and fast punk beats, although the first song on this release by The Antennas is quite a cheesy love song. Take One for the Team speed things up a little with punk rock the way it should be, and before you know it this split is over. Great release from both bands, with outstanding artwork by local artist Pascale. I really believe that Take One for the Team are one of the better bands coming out of Ottawa right now, check them out.

You like REPULSION, DEFECATION or early TERRORIZER ? Check ANDROPHAGOUS and I promise, YOU WILL DANCE ! 13 attacks of pure fucking grindcore in the good old vein !! TOXIC REVOLUTION plays fast, straight in your face, hardcore with grindy influeces. 19 times harsh, intense food for your ears ! In both bands are members of the german grindcore maniacs KEITZER. Artworks by BLUTBAGGER ARTWORKS.

THE COOTERS Chaos or Bust CD RM20
Fresh on the heels of their much more serious epic Punk Metal CD, THE COOTERS unleash the animal insideside with this disgital party on a disc called Chaos or Bust. The first six songs are 100% COOTER style punk / crust / metal anthems about fucking shit up in the streets, American nationalistic lunacy, personal relationships nightmares, and late-night misadventures. Then are a series of COOTERfied covers of MOTORHEAD, THE MISFITS and DISCHARGE. The title track Chaos or Bust caps off this immense release, based on the chaos theory or "butterfly effect," where one tiny event can trigger off the most powerful of events (such as hurricane Katrina, which just recently devestated much of THE COOTERS home state of Mississippi. Chaos or Bust was recorded at the famous Easley-McCain Studio in Memphis,TN (Sonic Youth, White Stripes, Iggy Pop, John Spencer, Loretta Lynn, Guided By Voices, etc.), comes with incredible full-color packaging, and is enhanced with a music video for their song Life Like.

Under Threat - Deathmosphere RM20
In the tradition of At the Gates, this has it all, great melodies, blasts, harsh vocals, solos but without any mosh or slam. Super clean production courtesy of Chris Djuricic (Jungle Rot).

V/A - Sir Punkly Records Benefit Compilation CD RM15
A compilation CD to benefit Amnesty International including 20 tracks donated by the likes Anti-Flag, Propagandhi, I Spy, Malefaction, District 7, Belvedere, warsawpack, Closet Monster, Marylin's Vitamnins, Protest The Hero and many more!

The swedish punk/crustcore clan VON BÖÖM sucks your brains and terrorises your ears since 1984. 12 great new recorded sonx straight in your head. The swedish crust'n'roller MOTORBREATH kicks your ass with 6 dirty, harsh sonx like a rocket projectile !! Taste this masterpiece of Swedenpower !!

WHO'S MY SAVIOUR - The Glasgow Smile CD RM20
Germanys Who's My Saviour with their first full length. They play a
fierce mix of crust punk, straight-up grindcore and dark metal hardcore.That is very savage both lyrically and musically. And came with emo violences vocals.

Wake Up On Fire - s/t CD RM20
Wake up on Fire take death/gloom punk to a whole new level of torture and despair, by building on the foundations laid by Dystopia and State of the Union , but adding a whole new level to the horrific soundtrack of this nightmare of life (er... they have a cello player). A truly horrifying look into the darker side of human nature.

Yarmulke - One theAter in square CD RM20
One of the greatest screamo bands in Japan today from the ancient city Kyoto.
Having Envy in the middle, mixturing Four Hundred Years and Yage more in a
Japanese taste comes along with totally beautiful melody riffs and explosive sound.

TAPE (all are RM6)

Abraham Cross - end of time tape
Tokyo crusties with the collection of their v/a compilation,rare tracks,live and unreleased tracks.Fans of DOOM,EXTREME NOISE TERROR take note

Comadre - a wolf ticket tape
8 new killer songs by Comadre. With that record they found their own identity and continue to go their way in writing catchy pissed off punk tunes.

Daighila - henceforth tape
Just a quick screamo review to get the weekend going. You may recall Daighila's previous releases - two demos and a split tape with Noisy Sins Of The Insect - or you may not. They were also supposed to appear on a split 7'' with Quebec for which Quebec have an unreleased song ready for, but this has not happened yet. The band have played a good number of gigs across Malaysia, they also tried to tour Australia but upon entering the country were seperated and interogated for 6 hours before being sent home, accused of being illegal immigrants searching for work. Of course the problem was that they couldn't provide information about their band and tour since they didn't have the expensive licenses / work permits required.

I would refer to Daighila as slightly technical screamo. The guitar sound is refreshing, with lots of variation. As are the other instruments too, there's a nice mix of melody and then crashing moments of intensity. The vocals are awesome, raw sounding and indecipherable screams. Not actually a million miles away from the likes of Usurp Synapse, not quite as abrasive though. Maybe if you crossed them with the vocals from Khmer Rouge. The songs are similar sounding to the ones of the split with Noisy Sins (can't remember what the demo songs sound like) but I'd say they are better. The intensity has been upped and maybe there is less technical instrumental bits than on that split. I've just listened to this tape four times over and it hasn't got boring - in fact it sounds pretty great. Six songs, with nice lyric explanations in the insert. Overall this finds a niche in the world of screamo which I would say is somewhere between ye olde screamo and the more modern sound. This was released by Stoneville records who I have never heard of and can find no information about at all!
review taken from

Entrails Massacre -crucial strike with attitude tape
power violence from Germany.

Ghaust s/t tape
This debut album contains 6 tracks/39 minute running time. Ghaust build a instrumental trip crossing through different genres, where post-rock/shoegaze influences, crushing sludge/doom tempo, collide with hardcore/punk and heavy rock".
Instrumentalist from Jakarta. These 2 guys are insane because they manage to add up a lot of genre and mixing them in their songs but not making it mushy and rough. Beautiful music arrangement combined with aggressiveness. Drawing influence from Boris, Pelican, Amebix, Kyuss and Corrupted.

Learn/Samurai Champloo split tape
intense fastcore from italy and Malaysia share this sweet awesome tape!!!!!!!!

Total Fucking Destruction - peace love and tape
In Total Fucking Destruction, we assume that there is a slow-motion apocalypse unfolding around us. We don’t know if it’s the result of the world-wide corporate-military-entertainment-technological complex. Post-modern gadgets fill our lives; take our minds off of what’s really important… that the world civilization is approaching the end of history… A lot of Peace, Love, and Total Fucking Destruction is a comment on the role of children in the fucking apocalypse that’s going on around us.” - Richard Hoak (Brutal Truth / TFD)

Strung Out - society rot in hell tape
Here we have the cd version of Strung Up's 2004 "Society Rot in Hell" album released on vinyl on Amsterdam's mighty Kangaroo records. "Perfect 1980's hardcore punk! I like VOID, but without all the slop (which I realize is the charm w/ Void, but I'm trying to say that STRUNG UP capture that fierceness, and still play tight and in tune) Lurching intros into breakneck full speed attacks driven by buzzsaw guitars that aren't afraid to wank every now and then. Picture SOA in 1981. Pretty good huh? Now give all of them a fat line of quality bay area meth and you get Strung Up. Raspy shouted vocals that sound more like getting yelled at by a wasted vagrant than listening to songs about priest sex abuse, suicide, news media and dead cops. Extra "fuck you" in the, this makes me wanna get really drunk."- Slug and Lettuce. Bonus tracks include debut s/t 7" from 2002 and a few previously unreleased songs as well. Killer artwork by A.Boo, top notch hardcore release.

The Hubbie Constant tape
sounding not unlike the fall of troy, the hubble constant bring a number of influences to a great sound. Think Tool's mindset, the instrumental precision of opeth, the erratic energy of every time i die and a very LA garage rock vocal run through an amp.With an abstract name like Hubble you get what you'd expect: strange music. Diverse sounds like reggae rhythms, crashing crescendos and whispered vocals make this a particularly eerie and intruiging


The Third Memory - et de cela rien ne resort LP RM25

emotive chaotic hardcore from France with some building epic parts, for people who are in LA QUIETE, RAEIN etc., well done!.

Osmantikos – keep fighting oppressive condition 7’ RM11
Mean,powerful crust from Malaysia.This stuff reminds me a lot of the first FROM ASHES RISE lp with faster as shit riffs,some melody,and devastating heavy breakdowns.The difference with this band is that the songs are much shorter and too the point.The guitar harmonies are used minimally,leaving the band to rely on sheer speed and anger,which works perfectly for them (and me).Rocking.Review taken from Short,Fast&Loud zine 18....

"don't let the Portuguese name fool you, these d-beat thrashers are from selangor,Malaysia !!Released on an american label,OSMANTIKOS certainly blew me away with their ability to blend straight-up thrash with melodic,metallic hardcore ala FROM ASHES RISE.Definitely one of the cooler records this year.Comes with patch and sticker." taken from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL 295,DECEMBER 2007

Krupskaya - Symbiosis Through Decay 7” RM11
"The 7" comes with a CD-r version which the band says sounds better. I dunno, but the bleak cover and slow grind intro prepares you for an unrelenting barrage of speed, grind and insanity. Probably the fastest and most intense band on earth, I've never really hidden the fact that I like this band. Their metal influences really shine through and the song titles should give you a hint as to where they're coming from. 10 songs on one 7" - that's what we want! "....

Sender Reciever/Muzzler – Split 7” RM11.
The long awaited split between ..Midwest.. bands Sender Receiver and The Muzzler. Sender writes more power violence/grind influenced music while The Muzzler puts out metal influenced thrash.

Available for trades :

BULL011:PROJECT HOPELESS "Hit men inte l?ngre utan skyddshj?lm" Discography CD 2001-2004 RM11

PH is a fast raw political crusty hardcore from
Sweden.They have been compared to Skitsystem and Mob 47 but more darker.This discography cd will contain all the released material by them from
2001-2004 the Kalla j?vla samh?lle LP, song from the Antifa comp, split 7"
w Offensive, the Utsatt 7"and the s/t 7", this will be 40 songs of raw
hopeless hardcore.Brilliant releases!!!It's yours for RM11ppd(Malaysia),6USD ppd(Asia) and 8USD ppd(World).Contact us for a possible trades
and cheap wholesale.
"This is rad Swedish heavy punk and I like everything about this band,
especially the dual male/female (or so it sounds) harsh vocals¡­" -
Slug and lettuce

"Fucking raw political crusty hardcore from Sweden.Musically, this
reminds me of a lo-fi early SKITSYSTEM mixed with NO PARADE, but darker.
Most of the lyrics are in Swedish, with explanatory paragraphs in
English, covering such topics as homelessness, class and race issues, and
government all from a very misanthropic point of wiev. Very punk. Good
solid album, but I do think the vocals carry it a bit. With a lesser
vocalist, I would probably get bored" - Profane Existence

Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave.
This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside.They are from the
Canada. While karena neko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like
phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording
quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerenaneko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover.

BULL013 : Kah Roe Shi – s/t RM11.(low stocks)
7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust. Comes with silkscreened cloth cover and 20 page booklet. For fans of His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Dystopia and Counterblast

BULL014 : Project Hopeless – Valkommen till var sopfyllda fabrik tape RM6

"all the way from Malmo,Sweden based band.PROJECT HOPELESS deliver you a new and 2nd full length contain 12 extremely pissed off and intense ragging hc songs with both classic,d-beat, and crust influences.This official tape version come with 2 additional bonus tracks.

BULL015 : M:40 Historiens svarta vingslag tape RM6.
Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Full length album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never - and will never be - better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis!.

Nuisance Drilled - All Is Well, Euphoric Ending CDEP RM11.
"Nuisance Drilled on this recording consists of 3 members of Sarjan Hassan and 1 member from Banzai 606 which both are thrash core bands. But if you think this is another thrashcore band, you might be slightly wrong. They're more towards sludgecore with rocking guitar solos and vocals screaming as if he's seeing ghosts or maybe suffering unbearable pain. Hahah!....
This CDEP contains 6 tracks with samples from 'Enam Jahanam' movie between each song. A very 'artistic' and 'conceptual' EP. Come in digipack with the frontman's artwork scattered all over the inlay.
Final sample is a revenge conversation from the movie, probably showing the revenge of the band after waiting too long to release this CD." (Nervhous Records)

Last Strive kuasa kita cd RM11.
fast oldschool hc from Malaysia fans of Gorilla Biscuit,YOT plz take note.

Everybody's Enemy - We're Only Getting Started, Selected Discography 2000-2009 cd RM11
From Japan ! Everybody's Enemy has been blasting their blend of 80’s HC/thrash with melodic parts and hints of Japanese punk/HC.42 songs on one CD, including most songs of our 2 albums, 4 splits, 1 7", old demo songs and new demo songs

4 WAY SPLIT WAR LIKE A GAME MISERY IS GUERANTEED! Langgar lari, kick enemy, abnormal psychology, Young and dangerous 4 way split cd RM11
awesome fast trashing hc 4 way split cd.all are from malaysia except Kick Enemy from Indonesia Nice!!!!

Spires – flowers and fireworks cd RM11
Originally released in 500 limited LP on Inkblot recs and The Hive recs US, contains 10 bone crushing epic heavy as fuck dark post hc,comes with huge A3 poster! hurry up while stock lasts!

Mozak/Rotten Charles Manson split cd RM11
RCM plays brutal crust grind while MOZAK is slovenian blasting crust grinding madness.

Terserah/Telarang split cd RM11
TERSERAH is a crust grind punk madness from Jakarta Indonesia with chaotic drum attack, while TERLARANG delivers a nasty raw thrashy hardcore and some grind hints with total of 25 tracks ready to rip and bleed your hairy ears!

Killeur Calculateur RM11
Hailing from downtown Kuala Lumpur , Killeur Calculateur is a full throttle emotive hardcore blast with a hard-hitting yet groovy screamo post-punk sound. Inspired by angular post-punk bands such as My Disco, Off Minor and Fugazi, they have become a band that isn't dwarfed by its origin. It would be wrong to assume that they are merely Southeast Asian copycats of Fugazi, because Killeur Calculateur does possess its own flavor.This 5 songs CDEP combine jazzy bass guitar lines and odd-time drums signatures while letting both sharp trebly guitars do the talking, comes in digipak cover and a poster.

War All the Time Disography cd RM11
War All the Time is a millenium band. They started since few years
back, but this band consist of people that put their hard into hardcore
punk diy scene for ages. They play simply totalitar, mob 47 swedish
hardcore band but put it on their own way. A mied up feeling of UK crust and
swedish crust, do it in great direction. Sned of flat earth records do
played drum for this band and flat earth is a label that is most
respectable for me and other member do played in various good UK band like
boxed inn, hellhazard, kito etc. And compile all the songs from their
first 7" s/t release under yellow dog, split 7" with the horror, and the
last 7" plus two unreleased songs. 17 songs overall. This is good bands
from a great people.

NEVER BUILT RUINS south east asia cd RM11
Germany-Switzerland D-beat driven punk engine! complete track from 10" and demo collection.
'Charging millenium crust from Germany,with gutteral TRAGEDY -ish vocals over faster procision melodi-tallic Hard-core.There's more modern rock parts and progressive guitar leads that would be doled out by the Memphis-Portland Mafia,but this is the same style of urgent charging Hardcore with heaps of pick slides and dire lyrics' -MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL

Iron Cage ""nature is not mute, modern man is deaf" gatefold cd RM11
Iron Cage is a political emo hardcore/punk band from Groningen , Netherland. They’re playing 90s emo hardcore/punk in vein of portrait of past,ivich,manrae etc.Consist some current members of grinding halt,and ex members of the last mile,dandare, Ill11, Voice of Distress,and Los asesinos de la superficialidad.Awesome music with honest thoughts

STRAIGHT ANSWER 1996-2006 discography cd RM11
Straight fucking hardcore. After short hiaturs since the year 2004,
they will hit the pit again. Cactus records proud to release this discography CD that compile all the songs from demo "bangkit melawan tunduk ditindas" (1998), Straight answer is your friends (1999 under movement records), and "kami belum menyerah" full length (2002 under movement records). All in all 18 songs re-recorded back. For all of you who dont know straight answer, they are an Indonesian hardcore band that get started since 1996. Straight forward hardcore with intelligent lyrics and to speak straight answer was among the most respectable band from Indonesia during the late 90's and early millenium.

The 49th Parallel compilation cd RM11
Variety of HC music style from ugly to beautiful and poetic
representing DIY hardcore with swallowing shits, still life, karenza,tho ko losi,
eliot rosewater, mk ultra,acrid, three studies for a crucifixion,
submission hold, inept, gates od dawn, resin and one experimental sound of

Irritate/Bizarre X split live cd RM11
Extreme Grind Attack , fast and raw split live CD by two grindcore
terror bands. Irritate is Finnish heavy Grind that sounds like a cross
between a Hardcore/Crust band. Bizarre X more on the lo fi side WITH HARD

Disconvenience "Umea Punk City LP" + War on wanker 7" cd RM11
Swedish punk rock band, from Umea city, the city that used to be and still,
very active for it punk and hardcore movement.This CD contains all their
songs from the Umea punk city LP and war on wankers 7" both reease by
wasted sound records.
To have some clue of what disconvenience play like, they are 77 alike
driven punk bands with lots of melodic driven and clever lyrics. The CD
comes with 8 pages full color booklet packed with complete lyrics.
Co-release with Life on the edge records ( Malaysia ), Dellusion of terror
records (Phillipines) and Porhibited Projects ( Singapore )

RATTUS '30th anniversary of Rattus cd RM11
Finnish legendary Rawpunk,complete all their collection since 1979-2007,including unreleased,rare,new recording and live tracks.

KIAS FANSURI - 2 tahun opertama discography cd RM11
A collection of their 2 years workds including tracks from demo tape, a split 3.5" floopy disk with call me betty a split 7" with only for the sake of aching, a 4 way split 10" with peterthepiratesquid, narwhal and teeth of mammals and a compilation tracks taken from the emo apocalpyse and Imagine tristan zara and neil perry. Beutifully done digipack.

Minion 'Exile of Fear' cd RM11
Although the band started out in 1994 (as a cover band), it isn't that strange most of us ever got to hear from this band before. Since only a year later the whole project was put on hold since band member Andre and Sven started out with the better-known band M?rser. Minion only existed in the twilight of the Bremen hardcore scene, and after a three-year search for a suitable singer (named DC), the band got back on track in 2001. This five piece found a label with Beniihana, and so now I'm holding a nice piece of German metalcore, with a lot of experiences brought into it by the different bands. This is totally rocking and grooving metal with harsh, rasping vocals. I could mention it has comparison with either M?rser or even Caliban, but on the same point is has influences by Bay Area thrash bands (Metallica - Kill Em All era¡­ as in "Tropical Madness") or British metal bands (Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance era¡­ as in "The Darkest Fiend")
and some Swedish death metal. It is just a good mix of all the great bands that have influenced these five guys, and they made it their own.

DISCOVER 'Stench of death ' cd RM11
D-Beat Raw Punk mixed between swedish HC style and distorted japanese rawpunk.Fans of Disclose,Framtid,Moderat Likvidation,Anti Cimex and Discharge.This band come from hell of Sweden.D-beat to death.
Discover from Sweden,plays brutal and fast Hardcore,with the expected D-Beat of a band that start with DIS-.The vocals are appropriately filed with spite and are yelled with fury.They balance out well with the music and the drummer is fucking powerhouse.They cover the beloved DISCHARGE,too and do it well .Tight and awesome!' - MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL.

PACK/SOL auth east asia split cd RM11
Taken from their split LP , re pressed onto pro CD for their southeast
asia tour 2005,
Holy Shit! This fucking split tears it up. Pack comes from Switzerland
and play blazing fast d-beat hardcore with superb breakdowns with duel vocals with what sounds like a little distortion on them. S.O.L. comes out of Germany playing a similar style as Pack but with a bit more a metal edge and is fucking amazing. Both of these bands sound tight as hell and with great recording quality and song writing. This split LP comes in a cool gatefold sleeve with silver foil stamp on the cover. Think about how many bad hardcore bands you've heard come out of Germany and Switzerland because I haven't heard many. Highly recommended. ( Chad )"
(Profane Existence #46)

Singapore Punk Holocaust 4 way split cd RM11
Minus,Blinded Humanity,Hatred Jackals and Distrust deliver you a heavy dose of crust music.Awesome!!!!

THE BOLLOCKS - revival cd RM11
Malaysian punk legend is coming back with a full length album on CD,
raging brutal and rocking solo, total of 9 songs, 6 new songs, 2 re
recorded songs and 1 cover song from Mass separation,
The bullocks is a first Malaysia punk bands that released 7EP back in

Released by the upstart Malaysian (Singaporian?) label Rhapsodeath
Productions, and distributed by the mighty Hell's Headbangers here in the
States, this split live CD is one of the best live albums I've ever had
the pleasure of listening to. I am a tad biased since I attended this
mighty gathering of satanic forces, the night beginning with the
aforementioned Spawn of Satan (a project headed by Jim from NunSlaughter – who does the vokills in this band, not the drums as in the other), who thrashed mightily, and that is portrayed on this CD. The next two bands were Soulless and Somnus, but we shall digress from talking of them here. Then comes the mighty NunSlaughter, the last third or half of their
set being on this CD. The CD comes across very well, giving the listener
the feeling of being at the show, and it gets under my skin, making me want to thrash and do some hairwhippin' in the front row! All said, this is an excellent release, and should be owned by any fan of these two
killer bands - MetalHordes review

live recording onto CD, no doubt about the quality of sound, the front cover artwork done by marald (doing tons great artwork for state of fear,wolfbrigade,assrash,destroy, profane existence zine, etc)
SHOS delivered very energetic live recorded sound . The music is an onslaught of power that can be described as the inbred bastard of Detestation and His Hero Is Gone with a distorted beast on vocal duties /while scum noise is a really crazy brazilian thrash crust legend band, they also doing cover from driller killer and olho seco.

ROT/ Death Slam split cd RM11
this CD is to celebrate 14th anniversary of both band, both bands have play for more than 10 years, ROT is one of inspired grindcore bands in this world that give alot of impact to the people in underground metal scene or DIY HC punk scene, death slam also from brazil playing grind crust, imagine how this CD sound like when these two band put in one release, new and unreleased tracks

Kurwa Aparata / Co-Arse split cd RM11
after more than 3 years, at last this split CD out - its fucking awesome. one of the releases that give a big memory for us, Kurwa Aparata is Austrian d-beat crust punk band, delivered drunk noise. Co-Arse from Phillippine, played raw crust grind punk noisy with cover songs from Dissober, Svarsmalt, Severed head of State.

FALL TO THEIR DEATH - chains in transmission cd RM11
Malaysian atmospheric post - modern sludge band, 4 songs around 44 minutes plus one multimedia video that feature their live set Substation, Singapore.

Another yet to be among the best crust band from Pacific region. And dare to say that they throw some unique crust tune from both bands. Pazahora is from Singapore and play melodic driven crust, rock out and have this similar sound with band like tragedy, or from ashes rises. It getting better and better, with more anthemic slogan and the structure became better from day to day. 5 songs overall and its sweet. While crux deliver another 5 songs that have this strong stench feeling inside. Imagine bands like amebix, sacrilege or newer one sanctum, you will get the answer. Sometimes they are fast and throw some mid pace crust but all the time, they are heavy. The vocalist anna do work hard on pulling out a full expression with a lot intensity and energy while singing and all in all this is very good stuff.

FxPxO - 2003 - 2007 Recordings cd RM11
FxPxO play fast and furious politocal SxS thrashcore from Macedonia 40 Tracks plus a ripping video live set!


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