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TAPE (all tape are RM6 /5USD)
Abraham Cross - end of time tape RM6/5USD
killer intense japcore!

Crimescene s/t demo RM6/5USD
You will have 8 songs demo from these sunway bear brigade dudes . Crimescene try to mix up powerviolence and stoner rock guitar riffage . With angry and tense vocal style . Beside being fed up with the current living setup , the band is 100 % against the moral propaganda set by the so called religious fundamental system . Plus they even dont know how to play music wihtout drinking the super strong beer.

Comadre - a wolf ticket tape RM6/5USD
8 new killer songs by Comadre. With that record they found their own identity and continue to go their way in writing catchy pissed off punk tunes

Daighila - henceforth tape RM6/5USD
Just a quick screamo review to get the weekend going. You may recall Daighila's previous releases - two demos and a split tape with Noisy Sins Of The Insect - or you may not. They were also supposed to appear on a split 7' with Quebec for which Quebec have an unreleased song ready for, but this has not happened yet. The band have played a good number of gigs across Malaysia, they also tried to tour Australia but upon entering the country were seperated and interogated for 6 hours before being sent home, accused of being illegal immigrants searching for work. Of course the problem was that they couldn't provide information about their band and tour since they didn't have the expensive licenses / work permits required.

I would refer to Daighila as slightly technical screamo. The guitar sound is refreshing, with lots of variation. As are the other instruments too, there's a nice mix of melody and then crashing moments of intensity. The vocals are awesome, raw sounding and indecipherable screams. Not actually a million miles away from the likes of Usurp Synapse, not quite as abrasive though. Maybe if you crossed them with the vocals from Khmer Rouge. The songs are similar sounding to the ones of the split with Noisy Sins (can't remember what the demo songs sound like) but I'd say they are better. The intensity has been upped and maybe there is less technical instrumental bits than on that split. I've just listened to this tape four times over and it hasn't got boring - in fact it sounds pretty great. Six songs, with nice lyric explanations in the insert. Overall this finds a niche in the world of screamo which I would say is somewhere between ye olde screamo and the more modern sound. This was released by Stoneville records who I have never heard of and can find no information about at all!
review taken from

Total Fucking Destruction - peace love and tape RM6/5USD
In Total Fucking Destruction, we assume that there is a slow-motion apocalypse unfolding around us. We don’t know if it’s the result of the world-wide corporate-military-entertainment-technological complex. Post-modern gadgets fill our lives; take our minds off of what’s really important… that the world civilization is approaching the end of history… A lot of Peace, Love, and Total Fucking Destruction is a comment on the role of children in the fucking apocalypse that’s going on around us.” - Richard Hoak (Brutal Truth / TFD)

Strung Out - society rot in hell tape RM6/5USD
Here we have the cd version of Strung Up's 2004 "Society Rot in Hell" album released on vinyl on Amsterdam's mighty Kangaroo records. "Perfect 1980's hardcore punk! I like VOID, but without all the slop (which I realize is the charm w/ Void, but I'm trying to say that STRUNG UP capture that fierceness, and still play tight and in tune) Lurching intros into breakneck full speed attacks driven by buzzsaw guitars that aren't afraid to wank every now and then. Picture SOA in 1981. Pretty good huh? Now give all of them a fat line of quality bay area meth and you get Strung Up. Raspy shouted vocals that sound more like getting yelled at by a wasted vagrant than listening to songs about priest sex abuse, suicide, news media and dead cops. Extra "fuck you" in the, this makes me wanna get really drunk."- Slug and Lettuce. Bonus tracks include debut s/t 7" from 2002 and a few previously unreleased songs as well. Killer artwork by A.Boo, top notch hardcore release.

The Hubbie Constant tape RM6/5USD
sounding not unlike the fall of troy, the hubble constant bring a number of influences to a great sound. Think Tool's mindset, the instrumental precision of opeth, the erratic energy of every time i die and a very LA garage rock vocal run through an amp.With an abstract name like Hubble you get what you'd expect: strange music. Diverse sounds like reggae rhythms, crashing crescendos and whispered vocals make this a particularly eerie and intruiging.

Wave of Noise tape RM6/5USD
4 way split tape with skitsofernia, disgrace, distrust, and incrust – Very good malaysian/singapore (asian) crust, dbeat bands combine together for this one release. Skitsofernia play raw old finnish style punk. Disgrace worship discharge and of course they throw some discharge tune. Distrust is an alco cider punk and lastly incrust play blitzkrieg trashing punk.

ATOMICDEATH Missile Massacre ep Tape RM6/5USD
4 track of fucking brutalized ear-ripping metal crust from our local lads. Members of Apparatus and Disgrace team up with other metal head creates new tunes for the local scene. Top notch recording. This stuff really fucking heavy. If you're big fans of Sacrilege and After The Bombs this tape should be in your collecttion.

DICKHEAD - Escape From Genocide System Tape RM6/5USD
Indonesian d-beat punk band.

HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War tape RM6/5USD
Fuck, was 'bout sometime I wasn't listening to this record, till few days ago it popped out in my mp3 player during some boring bus drive. Hellshock is a band that knows how to kick ass. It counts ex members of bands like Remains Of The Day, Tragedy and all sorts of Portland area karate-chop-kicking bands. The music takes its base in 80's UK crust: Amebix, Hellbastard, Axegrinder Sacrilege and Anti-Sect to name a few , but the speed is much higher and reminds some 80's german thrash and american crossover bands. "Only The Dead" is an LP from 2004 and is fucking amazing. Dark, fast, breaking, and the best is that for a crust record it's not d-beaty. The artwork is as well a master piece of Mid, veteran from UK's old stenchcore merchants, Deviated Instinct. The only thing that doesn't convince me fully is the singer's voice, but some actually really like it.
Dont know, I dont like the term "crust" anymore, which usually indicates bad bands, I'd rather call this a dark thrash record. One of the best ever, for me, can't stop listening to it. reccomended for fukken everybody. Review taken from

KRASSKEPALA - Total Destruction Tape RM6/5USD
Indonesian fast punk. A collection from 7 Pesan Pendek E.P and Total Destruction E.P.

NUCLEAR SEX ADDICT - Seminaal Fuckkwiit Demo Tape RM6/5USD
Hailing from Australia. 16 minutes of Japanese influences noise punk like CONFUSE, GAI.

In the Shit – Boston tape RM7
9 Furious Tracks of Short and Fast Hardcore


latest issue fearturing interview with Ratos De Porao, Funerot and Common Enemy. Tons of awesome FAST record review.

Give Me Back #5 RM5/3USD
This issue features interviews with Pygmy Lush, Dead Friends, Kimya Dawson, Next Victim (from Poland), and artist Sean Mahan. Also, it’s larger than the last few issues, at 64 pages, and it’s packed with a ton of record reviews, book and zine reviews, photos, and columns from: Katy Otto, Travis Magoo, Keith Rosson, Hope Amico, Julia Booze, The Down There Health Collective, a guest column from Stephen Pierce and another addition to the rotating Teacher Column.

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #314 (July 2009) RM15/7USD
Interviews with Libyans, Coke Bust, Strange Boys, Turboslut,a history od squatting in Italy, Toronto scene report and tons more.

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #315 (August 2009) RM15/7USD
Interviews with Zero Boys, Punch, Etacarinae, London and Bresr scene report and many more!!!!
Tokyo crusties with the collection of their v/a compilation,rare tracks,live and unreleased tracks.Fans of DOOM,EXTREME NOISE TERROR take note.....


This record layout is just fucking cool.The artwork(by nil ultra) is really wild and there is a pouch for the single sown right into the sleeve.Ive never seen anything like it.This runs on blood from Flagstaff ,AZ,plays spazzy hardcore akin to,uh, well nothing.Best comparisons I can come up with a Will dandy's old project bucket full of teeth,but this is way weirder.Cool stuff. Transient is from Portland and they kick out some killer grind.Its pretty gnarly.All blast beats,all the time,and crazy shrieking vocals.I'd say the influences are a mix of ENT and some new stuff like Iron lung and Charles Bronson (at least vocally,Ha).Its nice to see some ladies participating in brutal shit like this(on vox and guitars).Cool split! Review taken from Short,Fast & Loud Zine #22

Featuring 13 rare unreleased studio and 11 live tracks (remixed and mastered in the studio). These rare long out of print recordings are available now on the Resist & Exist Ad Liberty CD. This album features the original band members and original sound of this influential OC peace punk band. Musically similar to the sound of Flux of Pink Indians and Crass. These are all from the demo tape. ce. we're looking for international distro to carry our stuff.

Fatal Nunchaku / Bob Barker - Double Discography CD RM11/8USD
This is special re-press in 2009, double releases (two discog album in one). Fatal Nunchaku are damn fast powerviolence from France reminds you of Charles Bronson and & short style with 21 old tracks + 4 new unreleased tracks.!! Bob Barker are also a fast, 'no bullshit' hardcore band from the north shore in Massachusetts, USA. They existed in many forms for three years or so. They played a style of hardcore reminiscent of Infest, Charles Bronson, or Crossed Out but with a youthful angst/ passion that most bands can't pull off these days.!! They give you 28 tracks.awesome.!!

Ninja Hatorry - s/t CD RM11/8USD
Their efforts finally paid off .a bunch of passionate young men playing fast hardcore / punk material comes from Jakarta City and surrounding areas. This is their first full length album contains 20 tracks with running times 20 minutes .what do you think.?? Oh dammitt yeah really fast.!! Plus scary full color artworks that make this album seem more least this album could provide a new addition in the list of CDs collections at your home.


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