Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp split 7' RM20/9USD
two of australias finest grind bands team up for this great split. 5 new tracks from Agents Of Abhorrence and 3 new tracks from Roskopp. outstanding artwork with luxurious varnished printing.

After The Last Sky/S.a.t.a.n. split 7' RM20/9USD
UK's blackcore gentlemen vs fast polish hardcore thrash. After The Last Sky with new songs. black metal inspired grind with epic doom, sludge parts a real outburst of anger, full of raging guitars, tight fast drums, desperate vocals, deep grunts and even some blackish scream. poland's S.a.t.a.n. deliver more stuff of their patented grinding thrash hurrican which appeals to fans of rorschach, dystopia, dicordance axis. brutal stuff from both bands!

This Runs on Blood - The ocean in black and white Lp RM35/12USD
This Manic slab takes This Runs on Blood on an even stranger ride this is a new sound for modern hardcore.Samples,noise, screams and still no bass.After a 12inch EP,The Youngre Strangre 7" and the split 7 with Portland brutal grind outfit Transient.This Runs on Blood first true full length shows a new level of song writing and experimentation spazztic truly epic and I believe something new for hardcore and punk as a whole. Also featuring more amazing art work by nil ultra.

The second album of this Amazing Tribal Grind Crust masters. This cd is a powerful follow up to Resistant cultures debut release "Welcome to Reality". The evolution of tribal grindcrust continues with this sonic landscape.The urgent lyrics, anthemic rebellious punk spririt, dark menacing grind, and metal brutality will empower=2 0your struggle to survive!!! This is a special limited edition co-released by Shaman Records and Seventh Generation Records.

Hellbastard discography 1986-1988 cd RM20/8USD
Legendary Punk Crust Band from UK.Pioneres of Hate Militia,Ripper Crust Stenchcore!! Hellbastard was born from the circumstance of poverty and anger. Less than a decade before, punk rock had just battered the world and made people sit up and take notice, it was Hellbastard's aim to create something that equalled that passion, anger and ferocity - yet with a wish to triple the productive aural assault. Hellbastard formed in 1984/5 and succeeded in bringing socialy aware lyrics and a crossover form of punk/metal music (which the band called "CRUST") to the international underground, and now to help your memory- flash the beginning! FOR FANS OF ANTISEC,AMEBIX,BOLT THROWER,HELLHAMMER,CELTIC FROST, AXEGRINDER AND DEVIATED INSTINCT.

This recording consist one track of DISARM cover and sung by HONSA the front man. 12 tracks full of hardcore!! With top notch recording. If you big fans of Anti-cimex, Skitlickers and other old Swedish Hardcore. This release won’t disappoint you.

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