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Ghaust s/t CD RM15/8USD
First debut from this Indonesian post metal/rock duo. This yet to be the good start from the band. It consist a good song arrangement that mixed some heaviness, melodic, uptight breakdown. Imagine band like Pelican, Jesu, with softer side of Explosion in the sky. This is great. 8 songs, 30 ++ minutes.

The latest album by Daitro from France, Lyon . A totally perfect blend of Post Rock, Hardcore and Rock'n Roll where it prooves that there are still some bands that hold the very core of Punk Rock that French Emo has really held back in the days are still alive. Bands like these guys, Sed Non Satiata and even the more atmospheric, kind of post-metal-ish Aussitot Mort (all from France) are really pushing the screamo sound to new territories.


Split album featuring two new tracks from Ghaust, "Return Fire" and "Akasia RMX" (Remix by Morge Vanguard, who use to play with political rap group, Homicide). For this time, Ghaust deliver a tighter, and heavier element inside with less post rock influence. Recorded at Sinjitos Studio, Jakarta, that use to have name like Denial and Santamonica recorded there.
Aseethegive a one full awesome track, called "The Armada", with a structure that shadow a cross between Earth, Neurosis and the bands alike. The Armada had been Mastered by legendary James Plotkin (Khanate, Isis, Nadja). Two bands, Three tracks, clocking in 43 minutes of epic heaviness. For fans of Neurosis, Ocean, Khanate and Pelican. Come with a digipack full color packaging.

Pisschrist - Nothing Has Changed Rm15/8USD

First full-lenght for those aussie distortion maniacs. Raw brutal d-beat massacre. Feat. Members of Abc Weapons and Schifosi. for all fans of Disclose and SWE HC!

Anomie Discograhy tape RM6/5USD

Blasting and powerful early 90's french emo hardcore band similar to bands like Fingerprint, Jasmine, Undone and the like. Complete discography in one tape, include their full length LP, split LP with Piece of Mind, various track from compilation, demo tape and 2 unreleased songs. This is perfect masterpiece for the one who dig early 90's french emo hardcore.

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