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Top notch blast beat metallic, grindcore from Germany. A complete collection of their releases including as the world burns lp, split 7' with DAS KRILL, suicide anthology cd, split 7' with REMAINS OF THE DAY and to destroy the planet earth lp.More than 120 minutes of pure grindcore madness!!!
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SS20 from Germany are pissed fast hardcore-punk touched by metal and influenced by d-beat.
FANZUI XIANGFA are from China (2 Chinese members, 2 dudes from USA and one from Sweden, the guitar player of DS13) great thrash/ hc.
RM20ppd (Malaysia) and 8USD(World-airmail)
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Grinding Halt s/t discography tape
GRINDING HALT plays down tuned metalcrust that sounds a lot like His Hero Is Gone and Uranus. A collection of their previous releases (split 12’ with Vuur and Sprookjeshof lp) plus 3 unreleased new tracks. Members of Shikari & The Last Mile. Listen songs :

This is pretty much what you might get if you mix some His Hero Is Gone/Uranus dark and heavy type of hardcore with some French scream/emo. It is heavy, dark and emotive with just a little bit of metal thrown in the mix. It is a pretty volatile mix of modern hardcore and will serve as a good soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse. No joke. You don’t play this to get the people dancing happily on the dance floor. You play this to get people all pumped up about the end of this fucked up world. With all the bullshit that happening around us, who wouldn’t get pumped about the Armageddon? - Dead Pigs Zine
Listen to :

PROJECT HOPELESS - Välkommen... Till Vår Sopfyllda Fabrik tape
UK peace-punk-influenced hardcore from Malmo, Sweden, firing a litany of political attacks against patriarchy, poverty and consumerism. From these vocal diatribes and tribal patterns, the songs burst into noisy, blasting, full-throttle crust thrash more common to Sweden with high-speed, standard issue screeched/shouted vocal trade-offs. The circle-logo cover displays heavily stippled skulls, gasmasks, factories, and the wasteland, but the thoughtful lyric explanations mark this as sincerity as opposed to out-and-out mimicry. Solid. review fromm Maximum Rocknroll
"From start to finish this LP left me standing stunned and with my jaw hanging open in pure hardcore bliss! This is the second LP from this Mälmo, Sweden based band and is the culimnation of what all those earlier releases were building too. What we have here is ten extremely pissed off and raging hardcore songs, with both classic d-beat and crust influences, and multiple screaming vocalists. Some of the tribal parts and the heavily accented English parts give this a real classic 80's anarchopunk /crust feel of such bands as GENERIC, SEDITION, A.O.A., OI POLLOI etc. The recording is absoluitely perfect for the music - with a totally raw and analog sound that lets you hear every part without sending fake or overproduced (like early OI POLLOI or the NAUSEA LP). Lyrically this is poltiical as fuck, with lengthy, anger-filled songs written in both Swedish and English. All of the packaging is classic pen and ink work by Steve from VISIONS OF WAR, giving it the appropriately crusty packaging. This record rips hardcore and you would be a total fool to pass it up! Enjoy with a bottle or three of fine wine". review from Profane Existence magazine.

M40 – Historiens svarta vingslag tape
Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Fullength album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never - and will never be - better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis!

Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside. They are from the Canada. While Kerenaneko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerenaneko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover.

PROJECT HOPELESS "Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm" Discography CD 2001-2004.
PROJECT HOPELESS is a fast raw political crusty hardcore from Sweden.They have been compared to Skitsystem and Mob 47 but more darker. This discography cd will contain all the released material by them from 2001-2004 the Kalla jävla samhälle LP, song from the Antifa comp, split 7" w Offensive, the Utsatt 7"and the s/t 7", this will be 40 songs of raw hopeless hardcore.Brilliant releases!!!!

ALL TAPES ARE RM6ppd (Malaysia) and 6USD (world).CD are RM11ppd and 7USD (world).we love to trade and ask us for a cheap wholesale price that you can’t us at
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DIY to the deepest bones!!!yay!!!a

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