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Fwe title from Profane Existence Records,US.
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AGRIMONIA Host of the Winged CD RM20
An intense new full length album from this dark crust band hailing from the gloomy crust punk underworld of Gothenburg, Sweden. Eight songs in just over 72 minutes(!) of death and blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influences. This is one of the most epic and most expressive releases to date: crushed souls, despair, and everything you'd expect from a Profane Existence title.


Profane Existence is proud to team up with crust punk/metal legends Amebix for the release of three classic Amebix tracks as redone by the current lineup: Rob (aka “The Baron), Stig, and Roy. This is Amebix played louder, tighter and more intense than you've ever heard them before. All tracks recorded and produced by Roy Mayorga, mastered by Rodney Mills. Total running time is approximately 17 minutes.

APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT Its Far From Fucking Over (Discography Pt 1) CD RM20
The first installment of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT's discography is now availablle. The CD includes all the songs from their 2007 Armageddon Won't be Brought By the Gods EP, their 2008 Greenwashing LP and one unreleased cover song by FINAL WARNING. The package includes 24 page booklet, with all lyrics, writing, and original artwork from Marald, Hush and others, plus a bonus ATU vinyl sticker. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT hail from Huntington, WV and play a powerful blend of classic anarcho-punk, crust and a hint of metal, with aggressive female vocals, and urgent political lyrics. This discography compiles all the songs that launched ATU's meteoric rise in popularity and is being released while they are taking a break from touring while Sarah is pregnant. They are using the time off to write new material, for which they have recentlky recorded for a split EP with OI POLLOI, and have more recording plans for the near future. Of course Profane Existence plans to be involved in the next ATU releases, so long as our financial outlook continues to improve.

IN DEFENCE-Party Lines and Politics CD RM20
Fourteen tracks of spastic Ritalin-fueled hardcore thrash from the toxic underbelly of Minneapolis-St Paul. Causticly sarcastic lyrics spewed over super crushing guitar riffs and relentless machine gun-like percussion. IN DEFENCE are definitely hometown favorites (usually drawing bigger crowds than the touring bands they support), have a relentless tour schedule, and are comfortable playing with bands from across the hardcore / punk / metal spectrum. IN DEFENCE have several previous releases out on Learning Curve, Give Praise Scene Credentials and World Won't Listen Records and have been liked to a cross between MUNICPAL WASTE meets CODE 13. Several members of the PE team ventured out during a blizzard to participate as gues vocalists on this recording!


his is what what happens if you take two grumpy old men, an expatriate Portlander, notorius for being in great bands, and a travelling Kiwi stuck in South-West Germany and lock them up in a practice room and a van. This record catches MDX shortly after their Balkan experience, delivering 12 tracks of no frills, no bullshit, adrenaline-overdosed, pissed Hardcore Punk (and we mean that!) with the occasional hook. You hate the cops, the imperialist warmachine, religious wingnuts of all fractions, earth rapers and assholes in general? Welcome to the club - this is your soundtrack to sing along to! Has the first - 1929 - "DIS" song ever written in Punk Rock history and comes with a TERVEET K√ĄDEET and an ARM THE INSANE cover. MDX decided a long time ago that they are too old to die young and chose to rock the hell out of it instead - with almost 100 years of Punk Rock Experience by this bunch of old time scenesters you can expect the formula to be nailed down. For those of you that are gasping for some name dropping: features Ex- and current members of BELCHING BEET, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, ENDROPHOBIA, CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, SUICIDE BLITZ, DETESTATION and of course current and future Ex-members of MURDER DISCO X!

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